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Home to the Cyclops Wave which occurs due to the coastline’s unique structure, Esperance is an excellent destination for beachgoers and water lovers, with nearby salt lakes, such as Pink Lake, providing diversity to your water experiences. A fairly isolated town, Esperance is truly an excellent base for your exploration of the Bay of Isles and the surrounding national parks. You’ll want to hire a campervan to thoroughly explore this region and the beautiful white beaches that connect Esperance to Albany!

Campervan hire in Esperance: And then what?

The Esperance Bay Holiday Park is nestled between Harbour Road and the coastal Adventureland Park just over a kilometre from central Esperance, making it an excellent base for your explorations of the city and its surroundings. As a small town, parking in central Esperance is fairly intuitive. You can find your way into town via Harbour Road, which connects Esperance to National Route 1. Known as the South Coast Highway in the area, National Route 1 follows the entire coastline of Western Australia before heading east from Esperance to Adelaide in South Australia. Before you follow the South Coast Highway and its numerous offshoots into the beautiful wilderness around Esperance, you can stock up on groceries and other essentials at the IGA on Pink Lake Road or the Woolworths in the Esperance Boulevard Shopping Centre.

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"Since we are very busy in our jobs, the camper used to sit in our driveway for long period of time and noone used it. So we had the idea to give other camping lovers the option to try and go away for a trip with a motorhome for an affordable price. We are happy with the platform, we feel supported well and our concerns are taken seriously."
"I rent out my motorhome because I don't want to have it sit in my driveway without being driven. Being in touch with the travellers is a great experience that I enjoy a lot."
Jürgen - Pflegefreund
"Thank you for inviting us to join SHAREaCAMPER NZ. It is great for owners of Camper Vans, Motorhomes, and Caravans, in New Zealand to share them with the people of the world, when they are not being used, so that they to may experience while they are on holiday in New Zealand, the travelling to beautiful places, and sites of New Zealand."
"Without SHAREaCAMPER we wouldn't have bought our camper! The customer support is professional and we have met many nice people, some of which even came back to hire our Dreamer a second time."

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