Why kids love a campervan-style-holiday

Article Why kids love a campervan-style-holiday

Children love adventures, quality time with family and discovering new places – and this is just a few reasons why kids love a campervan-style holiday!

As a parent, we all know that happy content kids make for a great, relaxing family holiday. Keeping kids of all ages entertained is always an interesting challenge but let a campervan holiday do all the work for you, as the benefits alone keep everyone busy, happy and relaxed all at once!

Naturally-intriguing: Having the time to discover new areas, towns, cities and destinations can literally be child’s play. In a world where our norm can be very busy, with hectic schedules or limited exploring opportunities, taking the time to just park up and look around is a beautiful gift to a child. They can be inquisitive, learn about each stop, its history, its style (and even its ice cream!).  They can roam free, exploring the new and seeing what they learn, like and love.

Making new friends: It’s healthy socialisation at its most basic level. Making new friends at eachstop along the way, and who knows, they could blossom into life long friendships and memories. Children love nothing more than meeting new kids on the playground, playing new games and sharing their toys. With so many great camping grounds that offer safe, secure environments for children, being able to roam safely, exercise their social skills and make new connections, is a good reminder of what being a kid is all about.

Technology gets shelved: With so much fresh air and fun, the kids tend to forget about the fact that their favoured form of digital technology is up on the shelf. While digital games and tablets are fun, they can’t compare with the magic of creating your own games, quality family time, and exploring new places with new friends. And for those slightly older kids that find it harder to part with their beloved device, get them to record the journey you take, so they can show you at the end what they have recorded along the way.

Education with a twist: Have your children seen where a pineapple really comes from? How bananas grow? How oysters are grown? How warm a rainforest can be? Or how many giant icons (like the big prawn, the big Ned Kelly, or the big lobster) are scattered throughout Australia? As your wind your way through your campervan journey, they can learn more with explorations and experiences than what they can get from You Tube.

Sampling the best delicacies: While as parents we have slightly different taste buds when it comes to sampling the local fare, kids love ice cream, and anything we have labeled a treat. Local villages and towns often have their own styles of sweet treats, including authentic gelato and more – and kids just love to try new flavours where they can!

Precious memories: What may seem like a week or two away on a relaxed family holiday may in time become some of the most precious memories you have of time together before the kids grow into teenagers who would rather holiday with their mates; or when they move out of home and begin their lives as independent adults. The cheesy photos and ‘that time Dad burnt the sausages on the barbie’ might just become your kids most-regaled story when they are older, and a family classic as the years go on. A great campervanning holiday really gives you just the chance to create these timeless memories.

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