How to make your camper a ‘home away from home’

Article How to make your camper a ‘home away from home’

Home is where the heart is, and while you are travelling around Australia, you want to make sure your camper is quite the “home away from home” for you and your travelling companions. While the idea of being on holiday is super exciting, there is nothing better than the comforts of home to make your trip even more enjoyable, and create a winning combination of all the feel good factors.

Bathroom goodies

Take your favourite bathroom goodies – whether it’s plush toilet paper, your favourite body wash or a beautiful hand soap for your sensitive skin. There is nothing worse than using generic bathroom products and don’t get us started on one-ply toilet rolls. Make sure every part of your trip is enjoyable, even bathroom time, with a beautifully-fragranced body wash or a must-have hand soap– and of course, the toilet rolls you prefer. Small comforts can make a big difference.

Your favourite beach towel!

Everyone has one – a preferred towel to use when the sun is shining, the beach is calling and the swimmers are pulled out of the drawer. Takes yours with you for any water-based adventures you take on.

Pictures and pillows

While travelling in a camper, you don’t want to clutter up your surroundings with too many extras, but a framed pic from home along with your softest pillow or cushion can go a long way to adding a touch of comfort to your heart (and your head, in the case of the pillow).

A good read

While we all lead such busy lives, being on holiday gives you a chance to embrace some down time, rejuvenation and relaxation – and to read a book. For some, identifying a book takes a while! It is one of those old-fashioned paper things with words throughout it – or for those more comfortable in the latest in tablets, bring a kindle or iPad crammed full with downloaded books. Take a deep breath, enjoy the gentle tones of nature and make yourself comfy in that sunny spot in the back of the camper and read. For as little or as long as you like – how blissful.

A doona

A choice in blankets is an important one – some like to snuggle up and almost wrap themselves in a doona, while others would barely touch it all night long – but there is just something about a nice doona cover and a freshly made bed.

A calendar

If you are travelling for longer than a few days or a week, why not take along a calendar so you can mark off your days, or fill it in with memories as you go? Choose a calendar from home, or better yet, buy one along the way from one the many great destinations on your “must visit” list.

But sometimes, whether we take the special items or not, it is about who we are travelling with. Home is where the heart is – so sometimes all you need is your favourite travelling companion and you will be sorted.

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