The Ultimate Guide To Your Very Own Camping Olympics

Article The Ultimate Guide To Your Very Own Camping Olympics

One way to get into the spirit of the Olympic Games while you are on a camping vacay is to host your own Olympic Games event. It is a fun way to spend time together and have some laughs. Get everyone on the campground involved and make some new friends on the way.

Depending on the ages and number of campers, you can have a team competition or individual games.

Let The Games Begin:

Olympic Torch Lighting:

Lets start the games with the most important part - the lightning of the torch. Set up a row of 20 or 30 small tea candles. At one end, have a box of matches. A camper lights a match and sees how many candles he/she can light with that one match before it burns out.

Weight Lifting:

Everyone lines up against a bare wall with their backs against it. Walk your feet out from the wall and bend your knees and your waist so you are in a sitting position with back flat against the wall, thighs parallel to floor and hands on thighs. Last camper to remain in this position without lifting a foot or touching the wall or floor with other body part is the winner.


You’ll need an open field and some potato sacks (or something similar) for this one. You can usually find burlap sacks at a hardware or home improvement store. Each camper will need to hop from the starting line to the finish line. For even more laughs, you can make this a relay race.

Tug of War:

Tag of War has once been part of the Olympic program but unfortunately has now been discontinued. Even more reason for us to include it in our very own Olympics. Pick an area with no rocks or other hazards and don’t allow a team to wrap the rope around their hands or their anchor (to prevent injuries). Draw a circle on the ground in the middle of the rope and also tie a streamer on the rope in the middle. The team that pulls the streamer out of the circle first wins.

Paper Discus:

Each camper throws a paper plate as far as he/she can. The plate can not be deformed, crushed, or folded.


Line up teams or individual competitors and hand each team/competitor 3 pebbles. One at a time, they have to run 20 meters and stop at a line that is about 10 feet away from a target that they have to hit with their pebbles. They throw each pebble at the target and return to team. Each hit counts 1 point. First team/individual to complete gets a bonus point for each member.


Each camper splits his legs as far apart as he can. Tally the distances between big toes for each camper on a team. Each camper sits with legs straight out in front and bends over towards his feet. Tally the distances between head and toes. Subtract 2nd tally from 1st to determine winning team.

And don't forget: Every Olympic Games has its mascots, and every team has their mascots too. Keep that in mind to add some extra fun to your games.

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