Explore the best itineraries in Australia with the Motorhome

Article Explore the best itineraries in Australia with the Motorhome

Big cities, beautiful beaches and impressive natural miracles - Australia can offer all of it. To discover the entire red continent and its breathtaking beauty, we recommend a campervan holiday. You'll find the perfect motorhome for your trip across Australia with SHAREaCAMPER. You can also experience freedom and breathtaking beauty of the country by simply choosing the nearest roads. But we have put together the three most beautiful itineraries with all our best tips. Further useful information about motorhome holidays in Australia can be found in this article.

Pacific Coast Tour

In the east of the country you will not only find Sydney, but also the popular Pacific Coast Route. As the name implies, this route always takes you along the coast. It starts in Sydney and ends in the city Cairns. Of course you can also start this route in Cairns and finish it in Sydney. If you choose the Pacific Coast Route, you should plan about 14 days. In this article we will tell you what you can discover on this itinerary.


Your journey starts in the largest city of Australia - Sydney. Before you start your journey, you can explore Sydney. The Opera House, the Harbor Bridge or Bondi Beach are only the most famous sights. Find out more about this vibrant city in our article on the most beautiful cities in Australia. Link (not ready yet)

Big Things

If you have explored Sydney and the first day is not over yet, you can now begin your journey. Spread throughout the whole of Australia you can find the “Big Things”. These are huge sculptures from everyday things. Most figures can be found on the Pacific coast. Keep your eyes open for a giant pineapple, shrimp or banana.

Wine tasting in the Hunter Valley

Your first stop will be the Hunter Valley. You can taste delicious wine in the evening or experience a bush walk in the Yengo National Park the next day.

Byron Bay

Also worth seeing is Byron Bay. Many artists and dropouts have settled in this city. You can find the Byron Bay lighthouse, the most eastern point of Australia. If you want to take a little trip, we can recommend Fraser Island (the largest sand island in the world in turquoise waters) or the Whitsunday Islands with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Byron Bay is also the perfect place to swim with dolphins or surf. Between May and November you can sometimes see humpback whales there.

Gold Coast

When you arrive here you can relax on the golden beach or explore the shops of Cavill Avenue. If you like snorkeling or scuba diving you can discover the wreck of the Scottish Prince here as well. Are you an adrenaline junky? No problem: You will find amusement parks such as Sea World, Dream World and Movie World nearby.


In Brisbane you will find Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, where a team take care of sick Koalas. You are able to feed and even pet koalas and kangaroos.

On your way to Cairns you will also pass the "cattle capital" Rockhampton, the quiet village of Mackay or Townsville. This itinerary is called Great Green Way as it passes through 12 national parks. Just explore one of these parks and experience the beautiful nature. You are welcome to take a detour to the Wallaman Falls which is the highest single stage waterfall in Australia.


Arrived at the final destination, there is still so much to discover. An absolute must is a visit of the Great Barrier Reef. You can go there by boat and snorkel or dive there. You will experience the most colorful underwater world you have ever seen.

Our tip: You can find more tips for this itinerary on the Australian tourism website.

Great Ocean Route

One of the most popular itineraries in Australia is the Great Ocean Route. The beautiful scenic route stretches over 253 km in the south-eastern part of the country. On this route you can explore the beautiful coast on one side or the rainforest on the other side. It starts in Torquay near Melbourne and ends in Allansford. Here's how to get started and what stops you should not miss on your one-week tour on the coast.


The original start of the Great Ocean Route is in Torquay. This city is about 100 km away from Melbourne, so you can just start your journey in Melbourne. When you start in Melbourne, you will see that it’s skyline is dominated by skyscrapers. Some of these buildings have rooftop bars. From these bars you can experience a unique view over the whole city. One of the tallest buildings is the Eureka Tower rising about 297 m. If you are not afraid of heights and would rather stay on the ground, you can take the City Circle Tram and explore the streets of Melbourne. You will pass the Yarra River, Federation Square and the Botanic Gardens among others.

After Melbourne, you can continue to Torquay. This city is an absolute surfing paradise. If you do not want to surf there, the road will continue to Cape Otway and the nearby Great Ocean Walk where you can find a few more surf spots.

Cape Otway and Great Ocean Walk

In Cape Otway you will find the most southern point and Australia's oldest lighthouse in the Great Otway National Park. In addition, there is the longest treetop path with paths at a height of about 25 m. The Great Ocean Walk is a hiking trail that takes you past the beautiful shores. This track also leads you to your next stop with the camper: to the Twelve Apostles.

Twelve Apostels

Unfortunately, only eight of the twelve rocks are left in the ocean. The rock formations rise about up to 45 m out of the water and look majestic. The rocks are made of limestone and shine in special shades when the sun is low. A visit at dusk or early in the morning is really worth it. It is no coincidence that the Twelve Apostles are among the most popular photo opportunities in the country.

Lorch Ard Gorde

You can also reach the coastal Lorch Ard Gorge in just a few minutes. You can not only discover caves and blowholes (the opening of a cave ceiling), but also swim in some wonderful protected bays. It takes about 15 minutes by car to reach London Bridge (London Arch). Although this bridge collapsed almost 30 years ago, the large separated rock is a natural beauty.

Once you reach Allansford, you can also explore nearby attractions. For example, the extinct volcano Mount Gambier or the Naracoorte Cave National Park. If you have more time, it is also worth discovering Adelaide.

Our tip: Take a good look around during your trip. You can spot koalas, kangaroos and special birds.

Explorers Way

The Explorers Way does not take you along the coast, unlike the itineraries we've seen so far. This tour is about 3,000 km long and goes across the south of Australia. For the entire itinerary you will need about 3 weeks. You will start in the metropolis of Adelaide and drive through the outback all the way to Darwin. Find out what you can experience.


Adelaide is a cosy city and particularly good to explore by bike. Bikes and city tours are even free here. In the city center you can experience culture. Consider the Old and New Parliament, the Casinos and the Gallery of South Australia. The opposite of downtown is Port Adelaide. You can also cruise across the Port River and watch dolphins or visit animals in the Cleland Wildlife Park. In this park humans and animals can come closer, because humans as well as animals, can move freely. Do not forget to take a shot of the cute koalas.

Clare Valley

It takes about 2 hours by car to reach Clare Valley. You can explore one of the best wine regions of Australia. Have a little lunch there and enjoy a small glass of wine from the region along with the best regional specialties.

Flinders Range

One of the highlights on Explorer Way is Flinders Range and the associated Wilpena Pound. After another 3.5 hours you reach the impressive mountain range. This is about 500 km long and offers you extraordinary sights. Not only deep gorges and high peaks, but also a breathtaking flora and fauna. Wilpena Pound is a natural spectacle where a hollow has formed in millions of years. This has reached a diameter of about 100 km. Especially nice is a flight over this natural wonder. If you don’t want to fly, or want to choose a cheaper version of exploring, you can walk one of the trails that lead to the edge of the crater.

Coober Pedy

This part of Australia can be reached after a several-hour drive through the outback. When you arrive in the city, you will soon realize that everything revolves around gems. The opals are very common and you can also look for them, or see them at the faces or the museum. You can also visit the underground caves. The Natives do life here to protect themselves from the heat. Maybe you spend a night in a so-called "Dugout"?

Ayers Rock / Uluru

After another nine hours through the south of Australia, you finally come to the symbol of the red continent: Ayers Rock. The Aborigines call the approximately 348 m high red rock Uluru. You can not climb on the rock because Uluru is a holy place. Please do not take along sand or stones from the middle of Australia. It should bring bad luck. Still, the sight of this landmark is breathtaking and a must see on every trip through Australia.

From Uluru continue north. You will pass other places worth seeing. For example, Kings Canyon and other beautiful national parks in the desert. The next bigger city is Alice Springs. If you drive further north, you will reach Darwin. On your way to Darwin you will pass the Kakadu National Park. This is often called as one of the most beautiful National Parks in Australia. You will also find three rivers called the Alligator Rivers. You will not find any alligators, but real crocodiles. The flora in this park will impress you as well.

Our tip: You will also find beautiful campsites on the website of the South Australian tourist office.

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