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Article Eating Healthy on the Road

Eating healthy on the road is often a struggle for travellers, however in Australia it is a lot easier than one might believe. There are lots of tried-and-tested ways to stay lean and mean on your campervan travels, below are a few tips to help you along the way…


Not only do markets have better quality fruit and vegetables than supermarkets, but they are often a lot cheaper as well. Lucky for us, no matter where our campervan travels take us  - from every little town to every large metropolis - Australia has marketplaces everywhere!

So be sure to eat your little heart out at the local markets, where you can also get a good taste of Aussie culture. If you buy the majority of your fruit and veges here you will save money, and do your body a whole lot of good.

A great little tip: head to the markets at the end of the day or the end of the weekend to get the cheapest prices!

Health Food Stores

It’s easy to get lazy with our eating habits when on the road, and putting on a couple of pounds is not unusual for travellers – especially those sitting in a campervan all day.

Yes, it’s true that health food stores are overpriced, but sometimes just getting a few staples can go a long way. Most towns and cities have at least one health food store, andColes and Woolworths supermarkets each have “health food” sections as well.


If you have a nice little supply of spices in your food kit, this will go a long way!

You can take almost anything and make it tasty with the right spices, whether Himalayan salt and cracked pepper, or more specific spices such as turmeric, chilli flakes, oregano, curry, onion or garlic powder. Spices take up no room at all, yet they make such a big difference to a meal. You can get spices in small glass bottles or in small bags at health food stores and supermarkets.

Juice Bars

Juice bars are fast becoming popular all around the world, and are a great way to fill up with something nutritious. Juices not only offer good nutritional value, but will also give you more energy to make the most out of your day.

Boost Juice is a popular chain all throughout Australia, however there are many juice bars in restaurants, cafés and even bakeries.

If you do a search for a Boost Juice location from wherever you are, this is a good way to stay healthy and replenished while on the road. It’s fast and reasonably priced as well. Think of it as a tasty meal in a cup!


The best way to eat healthily and save a lot of money while on the road in Australia is through barbecuing.

Australia is blessed with free barbecue areas scattered all across the coastlines and in parks and recreation areas everywhere. The barbecues are usually free to use, and are a great way to save money, especially if you are freedom camping and avoiding the added costs of campsites or eating out.

There are many things you can cook on a barbecue, other than hotdogs… you can cut veges up and fry them with a light oil; you can try some vege sausages for another healthy option; you can toast gluten-free or wholemeal bread and make a delish vege sandwich; you can grill some taco shells and fill them with beans, avocado and salads; or you can cook up some beans, lentils or sweet potato mash all on their own… these are all great options that are tasty, filling, and low-carb.

Just remember, your spices will make the meal!

Please remember to cleaning up the BBQ after you used it, so others can enjoy it as well.

Try to stay away from…

We all love good food, but if we eat on the gotoo much, especially when we are not doing a lot of exercise, those jeans can start to feel tight. So as a rule of thumb when travelling, try to avoid eating pasta, fries, potatoes, bakery goods and bread each day. Perhaps spread it out to every second day if you really love your carbs that much.

Carbs like these are delicious, filling and often hard to avoid, but when you are in the campervan everyday, this is a sure way to put on weight and lower your energy levels. Reach for fruit and veges instead if you can. There are many ways to cook veges, and if barbecuing, you will find how delicious they can be once you add some avocado or spices!


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