Driving a motorhome was easier than I expected!

Article Driving a motorhome was easier than I expected!

Would it be too big? Would I be able to handle it? What about parking? Where would I put my luggage? I had so many questions – would driving a motorhome make for a relaxing holiday or would it cause me stress?

It turns out, I need not have worried at all! Motorhome holidays are the way to go when it comes to a fantastic holiday experience. Here are the reasons why I think so…

1.  Parking is easier than I thought: Finding parks isn’t difficult at all – you simply look for angle parking, or park slightly further away and give yourself a chance to stretch your legs as you take a short stroll to your stop.

Backing into parking spots is easy too – just use your mirrors and take it slowly. My favourite part of parking up the camper, is knowing that there is no need to unpack luggage, check into a room, get everything sorted – simply by applying the handbrake, you are done! Welcome to your home for the night.

2. Size doesn’t matter: I have to admit, the first thoughts of a campervanning holiday was whether the size of the camper would make it harder to drive. It was easier than I had pondered and within a few minutes of driving, I was settled in behind the wheel and loving it! I would almost be disappointed when it was my turn to be the passenger. Conveniently, campers come in all different sizes and shapes, so maybe start on the smaller side and work your way up on your next adventure!

3. Handling the camper: From driving through a CBD, to country roads, intersections, and more – the camper is just the same as a car. Use your mirrors, take a moment to double check, and travel to the conditions.

4. All in one: it is seriously fun being able to do everything in your mode of transport. Travelling and hungry? Great, pull into a rest stop and rummage through your onboard pantry and whip up a delish meal in the comfort of your own travelling home. Getting tired? Everyone knows driving while tired is not a good idea… so take a break and have a nap if you must, after all your bed is just there!

5. The freedom! Being able to travel where and when you want, without the need to find accommodation and your destination. It’s a great feeling, and helps to perfect a wonderful holiday. In a world where we are often so planned and structured with work, home life, children and more, why not enjoy a moment of luxurious relaxation with no stress or hurry.

A motorhome holiday offers so much more than I ever expected and I can’t rate it highly enough, your really should find out for yourself!

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